Concrete Typograghy

Jim Wong, a visual artist from Hong Kong (not very British!) has produced a pretty sexy concrete type installation. So, Maybe sexy isn’t the right word. Over the last few months I have seen my Pinterest board flood with sculptures with an industrial feel. The raw edges and cold finish of the material fits perfectly with the increasing urban interior styling.

hand made type installation concrete

I love his choice of typeface, so industrial and bold. As much as i have a small little home, I would very much enjoy these blocks to inhabit it, bring a bit of warehouse coldness to my room. Again the use of pallets in the display of the piece is working well.

concrete type installation

This work was part of the ‘NUMBERS’ exhibition, showcasing the work about the meaning of number in daily life. The exhibition has a mix of designers, Graphic, Fashion, product and multi media. I’m enjoying this ‘Maker’ Aesthetic that has emerged over the last few years and is being showcased with the rest of the design industry as an equal.


concrete typeography

This peice is called ‘Perfection is not concrete’ because ‘Perfect is man-made judgements. It is intangable and abstract which can be varied in different people’s perceptions.’ They chose typography as their medium to present the statement because it’s an human invention after tools and language.

concrete typography installation hong longThis final close up is just begging to be touched, the marks left by the human touch create such a satisfying texture! Take a look at his other work here



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