Promoting your Crafts on

Pinterest has certainly taken social networking to a new level, but what is it?

pinterest tutorial, promotion of craft

Pinterest is a free, digital form of scrapbooking, it allows you to add and share images from around the web or your computer. Students have started to use it for research folders, teachers collecting classroom resources even brides-to-be curating their weddings. Big blogs and corporations have started using it as a form of online marketing too! Have a look at CraftCouncils Pinterest page.

So what makes it so good to promote your work?

The best thing about Pinterest is that it embeds back links onto the images you ‘Pin’ and can’t be removed. So if your image is super popular and gets ‘repinned’ a thousand times, that image will hold a link back to your website. This in-turn will drive heaps of traffic to your site or online shop. The site even allows you to add a price to your image.

Getting started

It’s all completely free! You can create an account using your Facebook or Twitter, It won’t post things on behalf unless you give it permission when you sign up. Now you can start ‘Pinning!’

Uploading Images from your site/shop

pinterest tutorial free promotion of crafts

Pinterest has made it really easy to link your images from your website, just enter the URL of your site and it will allow you to flick through the images and pick the ones you want. Writing your description is very important. You have 500 words to describe your image, use words that are likely to be searched this will broaden your reach.

Liz Simpson

Editor and Pinning enthusiast


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