Book Review: Imagine – How Creativity works; Jonah Lehrer

First of all, I’ll admit I am not a big reader. It normally takes me 10 pages into a book before I realise I haven’t been taking a single world in and instead wondering how to swing an extension on my deadline. (I blame you, Dexlysixa!) However a rather large congratulations to Jonah Lehrer, who managed to keep me interested from the start to finish.

Using stories from the past and the present to illustrate the creative workings of our brains. From mop design to Mac this book covers some of big names in the creative industries and their (not so) secret recipe for constant Innovations and insight. He discusses a compelling argument that dense city living creates unstoppable creative innovation. So get on the train today, squish your self into a little city apartment and soak up the city fumes and wait for your inner creative genius to bloom?

It covers a very basic understanding of neuroscience, explaining how the right hemisphere and the prefrontal cortex are creativities best friend (As are hot showers, relaxing and silly conversations.)

I’d recommend this book to you creative people stuck for ideas, wondering if your next epiphany will arrive in time for the deadline soaring towards you at an alarming rate. Also to any students wanting to convince their teachers day dreaming is a productive use of time.



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