“Start, Run, and Grow your own Design or Craft Business”

Listen up guys. This is definitely worth a read for you Crafty entrepreneurs! You can’t really pass up on free advice from the top!

All the text below is from The Design Trust.

You might know that The Design Trust was set up more than 20 years ago by the late Peta Levi MBE as a charity to provide business training and support to designers and crafts people in the UK. Peta also founded the famous New Designers exhibition, the major graduate design exhibition in the UK that takes place every July, launching many designer’s careers. In the last 5 years The Design Trust and its sister organisation Design-Nation were managed by Rachel Moses at Metropolitan Works in London. From 1st November 2011 The Design Trust has gone back into private hands as a social enterprise.  A very exciting new period for the UK’s best known and longest serving business development organisation for designers and makers!

So what is changing?
  • The Design Trust will help people to start, run and grow their own design or crafts business. So we are not just focussing on recent graduates in the UK, but will work with people at all stages of their career and business, both in the UK but also internationally.
  • The Design Trust will work in partnership with individual experts and trainers, non profit organisations, creative universities, government and commercial businesses to provide easy access to the best business development support and high quality sales opportunities across the UK and beyond.
  • The Design Trust core focus has mostly been on designer makers, crafts people and product designers.  We are expanding and will now be working with a wide range of experts in the fields of branding, communications, graphic and web design, illustration, fashion, interior design and beyond.
  • The Design Trust itself will mostly provide information, advice, training and peer networking on line. So you can check it out wherever you are and whenever is convenient for you! From Dundee to Devon and Dover, at a time that suits you.
So what will we do?
·         provide information about all aspects of your crafts and design business on our website and newsletter through a variety of business blogs, tips and recordings by our expert partners
·         give easy access to high quality business training and advice across the UK – from workshops and networking events, to business coaching and marketing advice
·         give up to date info on opportunities to sell your work online, at trade and consumer shows, and with retailers and galleries
·         give (confidential!) answers to your business questions and challenges through The Design Doctor
·         get newsletter readers special deals and great discounts on business training, e-books, events and other exciting things
·         from February 2012 we will run online webinar training, Q&A sessions with experts, interviews with successful designers, and two real life events per year.
The full website with content will be launched in early January 2012.
Register now, to be the first to know!
You can now:
·         Register for the newsletter on the new website  If you register by 31st December 2011 you will be included in our prize draw to win free coaching, business advice, e-books and guides.

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