Creative ways to use your QR codes

Qr codes (Quick Response) have swept the world, originating from Japan, they can now be seen across the world on billboards, in leaflets, magazines even in Graffiti.

QR codes are black and white square code which, once scanned (with your flashy smart phone) it will take you to a site, send a message or display a mobile number. They take about 1 minute to set up, and you can do it here! Once you have made your code the possibilities are endless.

This is our one! (Try it for yourself!)

QR English Craft Scan

Heres a round up of our favorite crafty way of using the QR code: All these are working codes!

1. QR Scarf by Crystal J. Robinson

Her hand painted QR silk scarves can be custom ordered on her etsy site


2.  Cake! QR Cake! – these beauties were made by Clever cupcakes, the code, once scanned will take you to Montreal Science Center Website. nice.

QR Code Cake

3. Paper weaving – This is a paper weaved QR card.. Try scanning it. More paper craft from this blogger

paper Qr code

4. wrapping paper – I think these guys have really excelled in making the QR code look rather smart. Each QR code has a little holiday greeting video.. theres about 50 of them, So even if your gift it rubbish they’ll be kept entertained by the paper at least. found here: Qrapping

QR code

5. graffiti – Paul lincke uses the QR code to preserve graffiti once it has been destroyed by the local council. He photograghs the Peice of graffiti before it gets covered over. Once it has been painted he returns with a QR tile linking the viewer to a photo of what once was.Graffiti QR

6. cross stitching – How about a little needle work? Heres some step by step instructions on out to stich our very own QR patch.

7. letter press business cards! –  bit obsessed with letter pressing at the moment. you can custom order these too from their etsy site here!qr business card

8. Knitted Qr gloves – well these are quite lovely, found on Click’n’knit 

QR knits

9. scarf – How about a QR Scarf? made by Lendoorff KaywaQR KNitting

10. Earrings – These Qr earrings were made on the lazer cutter, when scanned it takes you to the wikipedia page for “Gratitude” which… is lovely. by  magic-elleQR jewelry

How will you use your QR code to promote yourself?


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