Top 7 Creative Storage Ideas

As the average room size in Britain is the smallest in the westen world, space saving has become essential. Large property developments are sweeping away our fields, but to what cause? Houses and flats with little natural light and ill designed layouts. Bottom line architecture has become a thirst for money and a desperate scramble to house the over growing community, human needs have been thrown out the tiny sized window. The pressure is on arhictects to conform to the minimal ergonomic standards to shrink their designs into tiny budgets at the expense of quality living spaces.

For years space saving storage has been on the cards. But is becoming a mainstream demand, Here is a round of up of our favorite top genius ways to free up that indispensable space

1.  Shelving Storage – Danny Kuo

This amazing shelving unit will save you floor space, working on the same principle as cityscapes, “The only way is up.” Instead of awkward looking steps, Danny’s seamless design uses the bottom draws as pull out steps. Genius.Shelf_storage

2.  I couldn’t write about space saving without mentioning these guys – Resource Furniture

Their collection of folding bunk and hidden storage is quite impressive.


3. Piviot table by – Raw Edge

This slick design could fit anywhere, as it folds away so nicely. those tiny rooms will become a vast warehouse of saving table


4.  Lovely side table with hidden storage by Marc Venot  Storage_Table

5. Top Loader by

Perfect for those who really can’t confine their work to one desk.


6. Bath Storage. Craving for that minimalist showroom Bathroom, but find yourself swamped in products, this is definitely a noteworthy solution.

Bathroom storage

And Finally…

7. Eccentric living for small spaces? This one is perfect. Check out their other designs here  Theres some cracking ones!



One comment on “Top 7 Creative Storage Ideas

  1. Donna
    September 5, 2011

    I love these ideas, thank you, especially the bath one! Where can I find out more about it?

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