Books of the week – Craft In Design.

Here are 3 of my favorite books!

(I’m Quite Dyslexic, As you can probably tell from my spelling!) These books i’d particularly recommend to those who take inspiration from Images over words.)

1.Tangible: High Touch Visuals

An amazing book of 3d, hand made pieces of design; a mixture of products, graphic design and installations that will set your creative mind in a spin! – Definitely one to add to the wish list! And best of all, It’s mostly high-res glossy pictures (a Dyslexics Dream!)

2.Remake It: Home: The Essential Guide to Resourceful Living: With over 500 tricks, tips and inspirational designs

This is definitely for the up-cycler in you! Lots of idea’s for household remakes, and some good summer projects. Also includes some work from really super designers! a bit more writing in this one, but it’s playful and easy to read.

3. Fingerprint: The Art of Using Handmade Elements in Graphic Design

A Graphic Design based book! maybe an interesting one for those crafters planning on branding and designing their own website, Business cards and that. Lots of Hand rendering and beautiful graphics for those trying to achieve a “Hand Made” Graphic identity for their business.


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