Laima Grigone Handmade Porcelain Tea Set

Laima Grigone has been down in Cornwall for the last three years training in ceramics, below is her collection of hand thrown tea sets. Finished with the loveliest soft matt glaze, these … Continue reading

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Concrete Typograghy

Jim Wong, a visual artist from Hong Kong (not very British!) has produced a pretty sexy concrete type installation. So, Maybe sexy isn’t the right word. Over the last few … Continue reading

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Salt Fox Craft Collective

Salt Fox Craft Collective have (finally) collated them selfs online. A team of nine rather enthusiastic girls living by the sea. They share the passion to promote – thinking through Making. Have a … Continue reading

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Creative Idea for Record Realease: Frozen Ice

Brilliant concept for a record release for Shout Out Loud. Well executed from a packaging point of view, just shame the video doesn’t hold the same style. My only worry … Continue reading

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Promoting your Crafts on

Pinterest has certainly taken social networking to a new level, but what is it? Pinterest is a free, digital form of scrapbooking, it allows you to add and share images … Continue reading

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Big knits in Contemporary Crafts – By Jen Springall

So the clocks have gone back, there’s a definite nip in the air and what better way to welcome in the cosy winter months than with some chunky knitwear! It’s … Continue reading

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Diane Turner

Diane Tuners jewellery pieces are right on trend. Geometric shapes are all the rage at the moment, spend 2 minutes on and you’ll see what I mean. Not to say that … Continue reading

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Pewter Live – Emily Goodaker – Contemporary Jewellery Design

Emily Goodaker came a worthy joint third in this years Pewter Live competition with her playful fish scales inspired jewellery. Living by the beautiful cornish coastline over the last 3 years … Continue reading

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Jade Mellor – Resin cast rings

Jade Mellor graduated from Manchester School of Art in 2009 and has since produced an interesting set of rings as part of her Hewn Collection. Her work is inspired by ancient ruins, broken mosaics and archaeological digs. Jade … Continue reading

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Kate Gilliland – casting creatures

Kate Gilliland  a British Crafter, has been casting some rather weird and wonderful things. She makes her jewellery by casting dead animals that she finds, in silver, turning these tiny body parts … Continue reading

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Lisa Catterson – Paper Necklace

The soft nature of Lisa’s work makes her necklaces and booches instantly appealing. She has recently graduated from The Glasgow School of Art and is fresh on the scene. Her work … Continue reading

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Silke Spitzer’s Necklaces

This is the work of Silke Spitzers, a Jewellery designer from Germany. She making some unique and superb necklaces. Over the past 2 years she has taken on two different forms, Urban landscapes or an organic … Continue reading

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Appledore Arts Festival JUNE 2012 – North Devon

CraftBritain and friends from University College Falmouth are heading to Appledore Arts Festival in Devon, to provide 4 days of FREE craft workshops! We’ll be there somewhere from 7th – … Continue reading

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Book Review: Imagine – How Creativity works; Jonah Lehrer

First of all, I’ll admit I am not a big reader. It normally takes me 10 pages into a book before I realise I haven’t been taking a single world in and instead wondering how to … Continue reading

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“Start, Run, and Grow your own Design or Craft Business”

Listen up guys. This is definitely worth a read for you Crafty entrepreneurs! You can’t really pass up on free advice from the top! All the text below is from The Design … Continue reading

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Eco Cornish Retreat

Planning your green retreat? Want to avoiding stress and  offsett your carbon footprint for 2012? You should probably forget about Easyjet, avoid London and ditch the Landrover.  You’d be better off … Continue reading

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EVENT: London, ‘Ghost of Gone Birds’

Nov.2 – 23rd, Rochelle School, Arnold Circus, Shoreditch, London E2 7ES This fascinating 2 colour screen print is part of a new show in Shoreditch, with featured artists that include: Sir Peter Blake, Ralph … Continue reading

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Link your domain name to your Tumblr

This really super simple tutorial will help you link up your custom domain name to tumblr:   1. Purchase your Domain name! (just search ‘Domain name’ in Google, and he’ll show you … Continue reading

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Wood turning video

This lovely little video by Dimitris Ladopoulos of a Carpenter at work.

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Student Spotlight – Felix Mccormack

Felix Mccormack, a Falmouth graduate showcased his innavotive Vessels collection at UCF final year show. Responding to the inherent possibilities of light within the glass vessel. Felix has hand crafted lighting to … Continue reading

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Creative ways to use your QR codes

Qr codes (Quick Response) have swept the world, originating from Japan, they can now be seen across the world on billboards, in leaflets, magazines even in Graffiti. QR codes are black and white square code which, once … Continue reading

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Video – Going Solo – Business Advice

A stop frame video about going Solo, advice from designers from all around the world. It’s really sweet. Watch it.  

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Top 7 Creative Storage Ideas

As the average room size in Britain is the smallest in the westen world, space saving has become essential. Large property developments are sweeping away our fields, but to what cause? Houses and … Continue reading

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Student Spotlight – Narrative and Natural history Illustration – Stephanie Ayres

Some lovely new illustrations from a Falmouth Illustration student (Cornwall). Stephanie Ayres a lover of tea, Authentic traditional cuisine from different cultures and the jungle! Here is some of her narrative work: These little pieces are available as prints for … Continue reading

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Blogs For Design

Here a our Top 5 Blogs for Design 1. Notcot’s range of design is huge! From Video to installation, products to community projects, This really is a site for … Continue reading

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Books of the week – Craft In Design.

Here are 3 of my favorite books! (I’m Quite Dyslexic, As you can probably tell from my spelling!) These books i’d particularly recommend to those who take inspiration from Images over words.) … Continue reading

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10 Crafty ways to recycle wooden pallets:

Upcycling is becoming ever so more fashionable as people are realising the negative effects of Mass production and over consumption. Pallets recycling is an easy way to furnish and decorate your home! Pallets … Continue reading

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Screen Printing Video

Here is a lovely little video of a screen printer and his studio. defiantly  worth a watch!

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Origin: The Contemporary Craft Fair

Origin Old Spitalfields Market (22-28 September 2011) This September, 200 or so of the best crafters from around the world will be joining together in a rather large celebration of … Continue reading

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Power of making – New London exhibition coming up!

6 September 2011 – 2 January 2012 V&A – The Porter Gallery – Room 48 The V&A and the Craft Council have teamed up! This Autumn/Winter the V&A will house a free … Continue reading

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Hello you. Welcome to Craft Britain

Welcome to CraftBritain! In the coming weeks we will be bringing you the latest in the craft world, including up and coming artists, a student spotlight and advice on making.

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